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A few days ago I heard silence in my home. With a four year old and nearly three year old, I knew that wasn't a good thing. Moments later I ran into the master bath to find a pile of hair. Brynnlee (4) had decided Brooklyn (2 3/4) needed to have short hair like hers. 

*important note: Brynnlee has never had a haircut. Her gorgeous, curly, red hair is very thick
 and grows VERY slow. Where her little sister's hair is fine and has already had two hair cuts up to her shoulders*

Best friends...

Notice the lack of hair on Brooklyn's right side and bangs that were left only one inch long. After a few tears, mostly from mom, we quickly headed over to Cookie Cutters in Providence. Luckily, Grandma tagged along to make sure the red head would survive the day.

This hair salon for kids was fantastic. Our sweet stylist said they had a lot of experience with four year olds trying to steal their jobs. She worked quick and knew just what to do to help mommy stop sobbing.

A great big 'THANK YOU' to Cookie Cutters for saving the day! 

Brooklyn's cute little pixie cut is not something I would've ever chosen for her, but she pulls it off well. 

And still best friends...

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